How to Start a Fashion Blog

If you have an interest in fashion, and want to share your ideas and style with others then you probably know a fashion blog is a good place to do this.  Some fashion bloggers are making over a million dollars a year.  Fashion bloggers make money by selling advertisements and getting paid through their affiliations with other […]

How to Start a Beauty Blog

Blogging is the perfect way to make a (substantial) income from home, doing what you love.  Fashion and Beauty Bloggers are making millions of dollars around the globe, by simply sharing their hair, makeup and beauty tips. You can have a piece of that pie, too! For only a few dollars a month, you can start a beauty […]

12 Ways to Look Amazing In Pictures

Is there really anything worse than being tagged in an awful Facebook photo? This can be such a confidence drain, especially because you look so much better than that photo is letting on! If you are not someone that could be considered “photogenic”, use these tips to look absolutely great in photos, and don’t fear […]

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12 Sephora Hacks that Can Save You Hundreds

Sephora is a really nice brand with lots of products, but it can sometimes be a little spendy. If you like Sephora but don’t like seeing an empty wallet, here are some great hacks that can help save you hundreds!

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25 Life-Changing Makeup Tips Every Woman Should Know

Makeup is probably part of your daily routine, and maybe it’s become, well . . . routine. If you feel like you are stuck in a makeup rut, you should check out these life changing makeup tips to help you update your look. You’ll be surprised at how easy these tips and tricks are, especially […]

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