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Get rid of acne… fast!  We all go through breakouts, however it’s crazy when you break out at the most random times. For me this used to happen quite often, until I did some research on how to get rid of acne fast! I tried a bunch of remedies and found which ones worked really amazing for my skin. Now my skin looks and feels healthier than ever! Try them out and see your skin clear up in just a few days!

Clean Your Makeup Brushes- I had no idea of the importance of cleaning your makeup brushes to be honest. Breakouts are mainly caused by dirty makeup brushes, eeewwwww! Bacteria can linger in those makeup brushes of yours, so make sure to clean them at least two times a week!

Eat Healthy And Drink Healthy- Change your diet around! Start eating and drinking healthy. No more driving through the drive through to pick up food. Fast food is another cause of breakouts. Try to limit yourself to dairy, and processed foods. Try eating fresh foods like fruits and vegetables and you will see a huge difference with your skin. Also limit yourself to alcoholic beverages and start drinking more water! Water will help clear up your skin, and you will notice a beautiful healthy glow!

Goodbye Sugar- No more sugar! I noticed my skin change in just a few days! Sugar is toxic to your body, so why eat it? For those of you who have a sweet tooth try eating berries, apples, and pears it will help get rid of those cravings. I promise you will see a difference by simple changing what you eat.

Green Tea- No more drinking energy drinks. When you are drinking artificial drinks filled with chemicals, your hormones will go out of whack! And breakouts will start to occur.  Your body, specifically your digestive system can be backed up, and inflammation goes up. Green Tea is so amazing for your body. There are so many health benefits from green tea, specifically known for the antioxidants. I have been drinking green tea for about 2 months know daily, and I have clear and glowing skin! I love it!

I believe that by simply changing your diet and keeping your skin clean by eating clean, your acne will clear up in just a few days!