DIY Shellac Nails

We all love to have our nails done! Having perfectly painted nails is what compliments our adorable attire. Though having our nails done looks amazing, sometimes the cost of getting them done is not so great. So instead of spending money at the salon, I spent some time trying out different ways to get those perfect nails and this one has by far worked the best! If you want to have those die for nails that look great and are long lasting, try this DIY Shellac nail polish!

What You Need:

–          Sally Hansen ‘s No Chip Acrylic Top Coat

–          Sally Hansen’s Powerful Acrylic Gel

–          Nail Polish (I love using OPI Or Essie Polishes, they are the best)

How To:

First things first, I always like to make sure that my nails are in tip-top shape before I apply anything on them. So cut them, file them, and make sure they are clean!

First you want to apply a single coat of Sally Hansen’s Powerful Acrylic Gel and let it dry completely. Then apply a coat of your favorite shade of nail polish (depending on the color you may need to do another coat). Let you nails dry, and once they are ready apply a single coat of Sally Hansen’s No Chip Acrylic Top Coat.  The most important part is being patient and letting your nails dry, you don’t want to mess them up! Pretty easy, right? You will love the results trust me!

Now you can have salon inspired nails done from your home! It’s easy, cost friendly, and not to mention amazing! Your nails will be gorgeous and ready for long lasting results!