DIY Jeweled Heels

We all love sparkly high-heeled shoes! A girl can never have too much sparkle, my favorite quote. I have recently seen heels and sandals dazzled up with rhinestones and every time I see them my heart stops! I am in love with them and most of all in love with Miu Miu shoes; lets say you can always rely on them for glamorous heels! However you can make your own inspired Miu Miu jeweled shoes! This fashionable project is so easy and so fun to do, try it out and see for yourself!

What You Will Need:

–          Different Sized/Shaped Rhinestones (get a few bags, depending on how large the heel is)

–          Tweezers

–          Toothpick

–          E-6000 Glue

–          Small bowl (for glue)

–          A Pair Of Your Favorite Heels

How To:

First you want to grab your E-6000 glue and squeeze it into the small bowl. You want to use the bigger rhinestones first and using your tweezers dip the backside of the rhinestone into the glue. Place the larger rhinestones on the top part of the heel and work your way down with smaller stones. I like to hold the rhinestones in place for a few minutes just to make sure they stay in place. Something I always make sure of is placing different shaped stones next to each other, that’s just my personal opinion. Honestly this is very hard to mess up; there is no right or wrong way when placing the rhinestones on the heel. You can create whatever pattern your heart desires! Just remember to relax and have some fun!

Use the smaller rhinestones to place in between gaps to help fill out your heels. Just as a heads up you don’t want to be using a lot of glue since these stones are smaller. Use your toothpick to apply the glue on smaller stones. Once your heels are covered in sparkle, repeat the same steps on the other shoe.

Now you can have those glamorous dazzled shoes that you have always wanted. This fashionable project is fun for creating shoe’s for prom, weddings, holidays or special events. Try it out and start falling in love with your new stylish shoes!


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