Look and Stay Slim: The 5 Best Fashion Tricks

Look and Stay Slim: The Best Fashion Tricks

5 Tricks to Dress Skinny

Some clothes seem to bring out our worst assets. With these simple styling tips and tricks your body will look better than ever!

3 comments for “Look and Stay Slim: The 5 Best Fashion Tricks

  1. May 16, 2013 at 6:24 am

    Some great tips here, thanks for sharing. Being petite I find it particularly important not to wear baggy clothes as they are never flattering.

  2. Debra Rincon Lopez
    June 15, 2013 at 4:20 am

    I like these tips, I have been hiding in baggy clothes for years, NOW I KNOW it’s just making me look worse?

  3. MsD
    December 8, 2014 at 5:00 pm

    These hints are nice, but, 5 decades of rocking my abundant blessings have taught me a few things.
    #1. Be UnApologetic! Own your space! Confidence is the new slim. If you hold your own and tell those nit-pickers to go and get a life … then you own the moment and the day. No mealy mouth, self deprecating comments. Every day you need to look in the mirror and declare your awesomeness! See attached study guide here http://theawesomeanthem.com/ scroll to the bottom of the page for instructions on the Awesome-selfie.You may proceed to unleash your awesomeness!
    #2. VeeNecks are great but not if they create 6 inches of cleavage or inspire the local pervy to drop stuff next to you so they can peep down your blouse when you lean forward to pick it up. Lean forward in front of the mirror and look into the mirror to see if you create a peep-able moment. Like Momma used to say …”Leave something for the imagination.” You can still create that vee neck line by:
    a. Wear a turtleneck or higher undergarment beneath that vee.
    b. Let a scarf or necklace create that vee line.
    c. let the design of your garment create the vee optical illusion. Why do you think men look so good in a jacket with lapels? It creates that universally flattering vee. Lapels and vee shaped jacket openings flatter and add authority.
    d. Let the print , pattern or coloration create the vee. Colorblocking is still in fashion. Chevron patterns, vee shaped prints, strategic border print placement, it’s all good. And finally my favorite hint …
    #3 You must must must have a great fitting bra. If it looks like your boos are tucked into the top of your pants … it’s just never cute. If the bra hurts it’s because it does not fit you properly. If you require feats of ergonomic engineering to get a good fit … make it happen. I daily rock the equivalent of 5D’s (an H cup) and if the “girls ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy! The tip of your breast should be no lower than the middle of your upper arm. Yes that requires good posture. Mom was right again sit up straight. If it requires a little exercise to keep the girls perky … trust me it’s worth it.
    Just thought I’d share. 😉

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