How to Make Homemade Self Tanner

How To:

Next you want put the two cups of water into a pot. Wait for it to boil and once it’s ready, place 4 tea bags into the pot and let it set for 10-15 minutes. Grab a “junk” towel to use underneath you so your floor doesn’t get dirty. If you chose to use the sponge technique, soak it the tea (make sure it’s cooled off) and wipe over your body. If you chose to do the spray bottle, fill it with the tea and spray over your body. After you have sprayed, rub the tea into your skin very well using your hands. Let your skin completely dry, and if you want more color repeat the same steps. Be DRY before getting dressed, you don’t want your clothes to be stained! If you want an extra boost of color, mix a small amount of cocoa powder into your body lotion. Your tan should last 3-4 days depending on your skin type (dry or oily skin).

How to Make Homemade Self-Tanner

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