Let’s Talk Maskcara

I talked about this on my last post, but I am obsessed with Maskcara. No I didn’t spell that wrong, it’s my latest makeup line obsession.

I love makeup, and I love how I feel when I have it on. I’m not saying that you need makeup to be beautiful, I just feel much more confident in myself when I have it on. I’ve never loved caking on makeup, how that looks, or what it did to my skin. I much more prefer a natural look that worked with my features on how to bring out my natural beauty! While I always was on the search for the perfect products (and trust me when I say I have done a lot of searching) I became overwhelmed in a lot of ways. Do I want full coverage or a lighter coverage? Do I contour or do I not contour? Shimmer or no shimmer? What is baking, I thought that was just for when I made my Nutella Brownies? These were just a few of the questions I asked myself on a regular basis. I also hated how much money I was dumping into trying to find the right products for me. Makeup is incredibly personal, and what works for one person might not work for someone else, so what do I do?

After I felt like I was in an decent place with my makeup, I still felt like something was missing. So when my friend Meghan started selling Maskcara, I figured why not, let’s just give it a try. When I first got it, I was a bit confused if I’m being 100% honest. I wasn’t sure how I should approach it, but I decided to give it a genuine shot. Let’s just say, greatest decision I’ve made in the beauty department in a long time.

So let’s start with the basics of what Maskcara and IIID Foundation really is. In the words of Cara, founder of Maskcara, “You are not one dimensional, and your makeup shouldn’t be either. It should be intuitive and personalized. You are unique and your face is an amazing combination of glowing highlight and chiseled shadow. Putting a wash of one foundation color all over your face is diminishing those amazing angles and creating a ‘flat face’ that just isn’t the natural you. Our IIID Foundation makes it easy to customize a palette tailored to your skin tones.” So what does that mean? You place contour where you want it, highlight (think of this as foundation) around the contour, blush on the apples of your cheeks, and illuminator (what most people would think of as a traditional highlighter) under your brow bone and the top of your cheeks. Once it’s all on, blend and set with a powder. Cara refers to this has HAC (highlight and contour). I’m sure you already don’t believe me, so check this video out.

So why do I love it? There are so many reasons that I love these products so I’ll start with some basic ones. It’s fast. One would easily assume since it’s a different strategy it would take longer? Nope! Try 5 minutes and 29 seconds fast. I always thought people who talked about a “5 minute face” (I’m looking at you Carmindy of What Not to Wear) were on crack. Now I’ve done it myself, so I guess I’m a pusher of crack because it’s possible!

It’s buildable. I have lovely problem skin on occasion, but it’s also summer and what little freckles I have also come out in the summer. So finding a foundation that would cover the blemishes, but also allow my freckles to come through was completely impossible until I found Maskcara. It’s a light enough coverage that I hardly feel like I’m wearing makeup, my freckles are out for the world to see, but those lovely stress related breakouts are nice and covered.

Maskcara is affordable! Let’s just stop and think about how much makeup normally is., I’ll even use my old “go to” products as a decent baseline. Mac Studio Fix foundation $28, Kevyn Aucoin Book of Contour (highlight and contour) $65, and Bobbi Brown blush $30. That’s a grand total of $123. Want to even take a guess at the price of a Maskcara compact? Well how about $12 for contour, $12 for highlight, $12 for blush, and $12 for illuminator?! That’s only $48 and you get the compact for free! You end up using less product overall because you aren’t applying foundation everywhere, and then building. And if you run out of one, you can just reorder it and replace it, because the compact is magnetic! It’s a locally based company. Okay so unless you are from Utah, this might not apply to you, but I think it’s an amazing concept. A mom who wanted to help enhance a woman’s natural beauty vs covering it up in product went out to make the perfect makeup to do just that! Now it’s becoming a nationally recognized product! In fact, at the International Beauty Show in Las Vegas Maskcara was rated #1 for summer’s hottest beauty trends!

Tempted to try it out? Good, I think everyone should! Even better, I’m now a Maskcara Artist! That means, you can order through me, host a party and earn perks, and I’m here to answer any questions you might have. So go ahead and leave any questions in the comments or email me at myfashionchronicles5@gmail.com and happy HACing!

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