Bridal Shower Playlist

While it might not really be fashion or beauty related, I think it’s fun to share music. Music is an incredibly big part of my life and I have had so much fun putting together a playlist for my bridal shower that’s this weekend! I wanted it to be a balance of older classics, with some new hits. It was also important for me to balance upbeat songs with some slower ones. I did include a few versions of songs that are not the original, but I am a bigger fan of these versions. Remember when you’re doing a playlist like this, tailor it to you and what you like! Also, there is a song that Spotify can’t add because Taylor Swift doesn’t like her music available that way. So if you like this playlist and you’re making it on iTunes, go ahead and add How You Get the Girl by Taylor Swift. I hope you enjoy listening! I also want to make a few other playlists for my readers in the near future for various other fashion related things (like getting ready), but I hope you enjoy this for now.

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